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Performance Package

The Performance Package includes two (2) Equine Blood Viscosity Tests and detects viscosity spikes that can result from intense exercise. Blood must be drawn pre- and post-workout—the first blood draw at a resting baseline (cold blood) and a second blood draw immediately after exercise (hot blood) within 5-min of stopping exercise. Run the horse as close to race speed as possible in order to obtain the most accurate results. Test results, phone consultation, viscosity shipping kit materials are identical with the Viscosity Check.

Viscosity Check

The Viscosity Check covers one (1) Equine Blood Viscosity Test and a telephone consultation with the test results, which are sent by email or U.S. postal mail. A viscosity shipping kit will be provided to you in advance, which includes instructions, a pre-paid FedEx priority overnight shipping label, gel-packs for cold-chain shipping, and lavender-top tubes—everything needed for the test except the needle for the blood draw.

Which Horses Should Be Tested?

All race horses are candidates for the Equine Blood Viscosity Test, especially horses that have performance issues but no known soft tissue problems, horses suffering fatigue or stamina problems near the end of races, known bleeders and past bleeders, roaring horses, as well as horses with lameness.

Getting Started

Just complete the Client Information Form to establish a lab service account, and you will receive a viscosity shipping kit at no cost up front. Follow the instructions in the kit to send your horse’s blood specimen. You will only be charged after the test is performed. Your results will be returned by email or U.S. postal email.