The Equine Blood Viscosity Test is performed using the Hemathix Blood Analyzer, the world's most advanced blood viscometer. The Hemathix is the only instrument that accurately measures both the thickness and stickiness of blood, allowing our EBV Test to report both systolic and diastolic blood viscosity levels.

Equine Health Labs is the exclusive veterinary partner for Hemathix Blood Analyzer, which is proprietary technology platform covered by 11 issued U.S. patents. The Hemathix is produced by Health Onvector Inc based in Pennsauken, New Jersey. The instrument was formerly known as the Rheolog from Rheologics, Inc.


Our technology has been independently validated in extensive human and equine studies by the leading experts in the field of hemodynamics. The Hemathix was validated at both systolic and diastolic viscosity levels against gold-standard instruments and has been shown to provide accurate measurements on a continuous basis over a complete range of shear strengths [1]. The instrument was also demonstrated to provide accurate and repeatable measurements from blood samples collected throughout the day and over a 2-week period [2,3].

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